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Using personalisation to aid decision making for Conrad Algarve

I used research and personalisation to answer user needs in a way that reflected the hotel’s intuitive, personalised service.

The challenge

Conrad Algarve’s website was tired and dated with a complex structure and falling conversion rate. The research and data suggested users weren’t finding the content they needed for decision-making. Users felt that the site was not a true reflection of the luxurious, personalised guest experience.

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The approach

I spent three days in the Algarve talking to stakeholders and customers, and familiarising myself with the resort and the highly personalised service. I led ideation sessions and created, tested and iterated wireframes and prototypes.

The solution

I co-designed the website with a focus on personalisation, allowing the user to tailor the experience to their needs. I created a unique “Choose a suite” experience based on my understanding of user needs.

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